This guide provides instructions on utilizing Franklin STAKE. To proceed, follow the simple steps below.

In order to use Franklin STAKE, you need to have FLY tokens in your wallet. Ensure your wallet is funded with FLY tokens before continuing with the process.

Make sure you are on the right website

Scammers have attempted to lull users into connecting their wallets to malicious interfaces by replicating the Franklin interface and creating domain names similar to

Before you proceed, make sure you are connecting your wallet to an interface located at, which is the only official Franklin interface.

Connect your wallet

Once you land on the Franklin, press the Connect Wallet button at the top-right-hand side of your screen and select the type of wallet you want to connect with.

Go to the Franklin Stake interface by connecting your wallet. Once your wallet is linked to the Franklin interface, locate the Franklin Stake section at the top of your screen.

Clicking on STAKE opens the detailed interface where you can find the necessary information for participating in STAKE. Participation in the program requires FLY tokens.

Enter the amount you wish to STAKE

The available quantity of FLY tokens for your participation will be displayed. Check the ratio for staking by reviewing the deposited tokens and earn tokens.

Initiate the "Approve" procedure for the tokens you intend to STAKE.

Please wait until the approval transaction is completed.

Click "Confirm" to finalize the staking process. Once the transaction is complete, you can verify it by navigating to the relevant transaction through the notification at the top.

This step indicates that the transaction has been successfully completed. Congratulations!

Check Staking Information

Click on "Check Staking Information" to review the details of your current staking.

To initiate a withdrawal process, you can view and proceed with withdrawals through "Emergency Withdraw" and "Unstake"

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