Stable STAKE

Simplicity, High Accessibility, Periodic Mining

Stable STAKE Staking Guide: Unveiling Simplicity, High Accessibility, and Periodic Mining

Welcome to the Stable STAKE Staking Guide, where we unravel the simplicity, high accessibility, and periodic mining features of our staking platform. Let's dive into the details of staking with Stable STAKE and explore the benefits it offers in the FLY ecosystem.

Key Features:


  • Staking with Stable STAKE is designed for simplicity. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless staking experience for both beginners and experienced users.

  • Navigate through the staking process effortlessly, allowing you to stake and earn rewards with ease.

High Accessibility:

  • Stable STAKE prioritizes high accessibility, making it easy for users to engage with the staking platform from various devices.

  • Experience staking on the go, ensuring that accessibility is not limited by your location or device.

Periodic Mining:

  • Engage in periodic mining cycles to enhance your staking rewards. Stable STAKE introduces periodic mining events, adding an extra layer of potential rewards for participants.

Staking with FLY:

  • Stable Interest:

    • Staking FLY with Stable STAKE guarantees stable interest rates, providing you with a reliable source of passive income.

  • Ecosystem Operation:

    • Contribute to the seamless operation of the FLY ecosystem by actively participating in Stable STAKE staking.

Fee Structure:

  • Interest Based on Staking Fees:

    • Your staking rewards are influenced by the fees associated with staking. A percentage of staking fees contributes to the interest distributed to participants.

  • APR Proportionality to Staking Periods:

    • Enjoy an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that aligns with the duration of your staking period. Longer lock-up periods offer higher APR, providing flexibility for participants.

  • Lock-up Periods:

    • Optimize your staking strategy by choosing lock-up periods that align with your goals. Stable STAKE offers flexibility in lock-up durations to cater to diverse staking preferences.

  • Emergency Withdrawal Fee:

    • In case of urgent withdrawal needs, an emergency withdrawal fee of 5% is applied. This ensures the stability of the staking pool while providing an option for unforeseen circumstances.

Additional Considerations:

  • Community Engagement Rewards:

    • Participate in community engagement events and receive additional rewards for contributing to the growth and development of the FLY ecosystem.

  • Continuous Platform Enhancements:

    • Stay tuned for continuous updates and enhancements to the Stable STAKE platform, ensuring a dynamic and rewarding staking experience.

Stake with confidence, simplicity, and accessibility with Stable STAKE in the FLY ecosystem. Start your staking journey today!

Staking Contracts Across Networks:

NetworkContract Details




Binance Smart Chain


BSC Explorer.








  • Ensure you use the correct contract address and staking symbol for each respective network.

  • Always verify contract details on the corresponding blockchain explorer before interacting with the contract.

Staking Program Reference

Staking PropertyDescription

Network-Specific Staking

Staking programs may differ across various networks. Ensure you are participating in the correct staking program for your chosen network.

Deposit Token and Earn Token

Tokens deposited for staking may be different from the tokens earned as rewards. Be aware of the token types involved in the staking process.

Staking Deposit Fees (Caution)

Staking deposits may be subject to additional fees. It is essential to review and understand the fee structure before initiating a staking deposit.

APR Fees

APR fees include both fixed and variable components. Familiarize yourself with the fee structure to better anticipate your potential returns.

Staking Period Explanation

Period represents the duration for which your tokens are staked. It is the length of time your staked tokens will be locked in the pool. Longer periods may provide higher returns but require a longer commitment. Ensure you choose a staking period aligning with your investment goals.

Maturity Date Information

Maturity Date represents the deposit period and the date when it concludes. Starting one week before the maturity date, new deposits will be restricted. Be aware of the maturity date to plan your staking commitments effectively.

Interest Fluctuation Notice

Between the opening date and maturity date, the interest may vary or decrease based on the remaining duration from the deposit date. Be mindful of potential changes in interest rates during this period.

Pool Ratio for Deposit Limits

Use the pool ratio to determine the percentage of the deposit limit available for staking. This ratio provides insights into the proportional capacity for additional deposits.

Staking with Remaining Tokens

When staking, if the remaining token quantity is less than the staking request, the stake will be processed based on the available remaining tokens. Ensure you have a sufficient amount for the intended staking amount.


APR (Annual Percentage Rate) Explained

APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, is a standardized way of expressing the annualized interest rate for staking your tokens in a liquidity pool. It represents the potential return on rewards over a one-year period, expressed as a percentage.

Calculation of Rewards with APR

The formula to calculate rewards over a staking period using APR is as follows:

Let's illustrate this with an example

Assume you have staked 100 tokens with an APR of 7.0%, and you plan to stake for 180 days. The calculation would be:

This formula considers the APR as a decimal, multiplies it by the staked amount, and adjusts for the fraction of the year represented by the staking period.

Remember, APR can fluctuate based on various factors within the staking pool.

Pool Ratio Explanation

Pool Ratio represents the proportion of currently staked tokens to the remaining pool size. This ratio is calculated by dividing the amount of staked tokens by the total pool size and expressing it as a percentage. A high Pool Ratio indicates a significant stake in relation to the remaining staking capacity.


Understanding Pool Ratio

  • A Pool Ratio exceeding 100% indicates a shortage of available space in the staking pool or that the staking process has already been completed.

  • A high Pool Ratio still signifies ample staking capacity, allowing for additional tokens to be staked.

  • When the deadline has passed or the pool is full, further participation in staking is not possible.

Note: Pool Ratio may fluctuate based on various factors within the staking pool.

What is Weighted Average Interest Rate?

Staking allows you to manage your assets with different interest rates over various periods. When you stake multiple times or encounter changes in interest rates, the Weighted Average Interest Rate combines these rates into one, providing an overall average.

Understanding Weighted Average Interest Rate in Staking

Hello there! Let's dive into the term you often encounter in staking, "Weighted Average Interest Rate," and understand what it means.

How to Calculate Weighted Average Interest Rate

Calculate Interest for the Existing Staked Amount

  • If you initially staked 10,000 ETH with a 7% annual interest rate for 6 months, calculate the interest after 3 months.

Calculate Interest for the Newly Staked Amount

  • After 3 months, if you additionally stake 5,000 ETH with a 5% annual interest rate, calculate the interest for this new staking.

Calculate Weighted Average Interest Rate

  • Compute the weighted average interest rate for the existing and new staked amounts. This accounts for the scenario where the new interest rate is lower, affecting the overall average.

When the maturity date is the same, staking additional funds with a lower annual interest rate results in a decrease in the weighted average interest rate. This reflects the fact that the newly added assets are staked at a lower interest rate compared to the initial rate.

Understanding the weighted average interest rate helps optimize staking returns. For more details, refer to the smart contract or platform documentation. Wishing you a more profitable and efficient staking journey! 🚀

Staking Considerations

Keep these considerations in mind and carefully review the terms before engaging in investment or staking activities.

Volatility During Lockup Staking

  • Assets are exposed to market volatility during the lockup staking period, so consider price fluctuations when making investment decisions.

Check Staking Details and Duration

  • Before participating in staking, thoroughly review the contract conditions and staking period. Understand the project's goals and conditions.

Fees for Emergency Withdrawals

  • A 5% fee is applicable for urgent withdrawal transactions. Please be aware of this fee before initiating an emergency withdrawal.

Investments and staking activities come with inherent risks, and this information does not imply any legal guarantee or commitment. Users should be aware of potential financial risks and carefully review terms and conditions before participating. The provided content does not assume legal responsibility or liability for the outcomes of investment decisions.

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